Today, Quintin and I spent our Thanksgiving with Brian & Joanie Pollock, their two college sons, Tyler, a senior at Butler University, and Zach, my former student, now a freshman at Miami University.  Joanie’s parents, Dick & Susan, were with us from Springfield, Illinois.

Before dinner, I learned to play Rummy and Nertz.  I never play cards, but I have to admit – I was getting addicted to Nertz!  Such fun!

Brian prepared the best meal, and we all sat down to dinner with various hats.  Lots of great food, and tons of laughter.

Post-dinner was my first time to watch A CHRISTMAS STORY.  Hilarious!

While Joanie and Sue planned their Black Friday shopping strategy, the rest of us enjoyed pumpkin pie and the traditional pink stuff dessert (pineapple, cherry pie filling, Cool Whip, evaporated milk all mixed together).

Before leaving all the men took on the two women in a game called, Battle of the Sexes!  Even more fun!

This was just a great day, and we had the best time!

Thank you, so much, Brian, Joanie, Tyler, Zach, Sue & Dick!

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