Last night I was wide awake, energized by having seen Centerville High School’s production, AVENUE Q (see previous post).  By 2:00am, I was finally feeling sleep come over me, and at some point, I was out.  At 3:15am, Navi barked when she heard Quintin come downstairs to use the bathroom.  The last numbers I remember seeing on the clock were 403 (4:03am).

At 8:15am, I finally gave in to the siege of the three dogs surrounding me with their anxious stare-down.  Chief was on my pillow with his nose pressed against mine; Navi was laying on top of Chief smacking me with her tail; and Flyer remained on the floor, staring up at me, and sighing about 2-3 times each minute.

It was a lazy morning of watching the news programs, and enjoyed a wonderful documentary, NOVA: Pocahontas Revealed.  It had more to do with the Jamestown Rediscovery and the incredible archaeological work discovering new things about Jamestown life in 1607, and the nearby Indian capitol governed by Powhatan.  An excellent Netflix documentary.


Quintin and I gathered up all the pots that once held beautiful Impatiens throughout the summer, and early fall, and brought them to the back deck.  In a short while we will head out for groceries, returning in time for me to teach a few lessons for students prepping for jazz band auditions this week at Centerville High School.  I suspect we will settle in for a Netflix movie this evening after supper.

But for right now, I am eating lunch and half-watching THE ANDY GRIFFITH SHOW.

Quintin’s newest voice is not Asian, but rather, Trekkie Monster from AVENUE Q.  It is quite hilarious to hear him speaking in the Oscar The Grouch-esque voice, as heard in this video another production:  Trekkie Monster singing “Monster School” – AVENUE Q.

I am all prepared for a short week of teaching, and time spent with family and friends!

Photos of my brother and his family…