Happy GOTCHA Day to Flyer!

I went to a farm just South of Xenia, Ohio, and watched four adorable 10 week old puppies scamper about the back. I noticed the black and white runt was the leader for the larger three who were brown and white.

The daddy, Caesar, was a black and white Springer Spaniel, and the mommy, Portia, was a black lab and husky – looked exactly like a slender black lab but had bright blue eyes.

The mother tried to kill the runt by hiding her in the foot rest of a recliner in the woodshed, but the young girls at the farm would rescue her. The family kept the runt alive, and she took over the lead of her 8 siblings (one had died at birth).

Wilbur Wright with Flyer, 1908

I paid $25 – one of the most inexpensive, best $25 I’ve ever paid.

We got into the car, and the puppy sat down and looked around. As I drove away she looked bored, already. She was too small to look out the windows, so she walked over to me, laid down, and laid her head on my thigh.

I decided she would be named, Flyer, in honor of the Wright Brothers. En route to Centerville, we stopped at Woodland Cemetery. Flyer hopped out of the car and hopped among the tomb stones. She stopped at the Wright family estate, sniffed, walked over to Wilbur’s stone, and laid down.

It was not until three years later I learned Wilbur Wright, while demonstrating his flying machine in France, 1908, acquired a dog which he named, Flyer! Wilbur’s Flyer is commemorated on the nifty carousel at Dayton History at Carillon Park.

Flyer knows her commands in English, German, snapping fingers, and when she could see, sign language.

August 2010, Flyer suffered from acute pancreatitis, and nearly died.  She rallied, and resumed good health, but within a few months, she began losing her sight.  Flyer’s blindness does not prevent her from moving around with ease, nor having a great time with the family.

She’s been a great pal for eleven years.

At Wilbur Wright’s grave through the years…










Wilbur Wright’s Flyer & the Carillon Park carousel’s Flyer…

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