Flyer appears physically healthy, but her mind seems clouded with confusion, and a lack of recognition.  At times, she does not appear to recognize me.  If this condition worsens, I will probably be forced to make a decision.

This morning, we got into the car and took a little jaunt to some of our favorite haunts: Orville Wright’s Oakwood home, Hawthorn Hill; Woodland Cemetery to the Wright Family Grave Site; and the memorial site where the Wright Family home once stood on Hawthorn Street.

Though blind, and confused, when we arrived at the Wright family graves, Flyer sniffed her way to Wilbur’s grave, and stood guard, as she as done since her first visit when I brought the 10 week old puppy home.  Several folks were visiting the gravesite, and were amazed, and impressed with Flyer’s seeming dedication to Wilbur Wright.

I presume this will be the final trip to these sites.  Flyer has bounced back from death once before, however, her mind just seems to be fading fast.

How I do love this little pal who has welcomed every son into the home, offering them added comfort, security, and healing.  Flyer has been a blessed companion.

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