The rain has been fairly steady since 10:30am.  The grey, cloudy skies have captured the 44-degree temperature in a bubble that encapsulates the Miami Valley.  The weather channel indicates the rain cell will linger for quite some time.

As I drove by the high school, the marching band, garbed in the warm, long raincoats, was assembled for its last step-off of the season.  Normally, it is not this dark at 6:45pm, but night has fully settled in.

I am hoping the rain will stop shortly.  This is senior night for Fairmont students.  This is the night when senior members of the marching band, football team and cheerleaders are recognized for their contributions, hard work, and dedication.  I am not a fan of football, itself, but am hoping these find young folks will not be robbed of this big moment which, in many ways, is the first of many ‘goodbyes’ to come.

All summer long, we prayed for rain that abandoned most of the country.  The past month we’ve been blessed with much rain on Friday evenings, postponing numerous football games.

Fingers are crossed for tonight!