This morning I drove out to Harshman Road past the Museum of the United States Air Force (and I did not stop!) to walk through one of the many Five Rivers Metro Parks: Eastwood Park.

There were some lovely areas, but the color changes were not nearly as dramatic as last week’s natural canvas.  Plus, the park just did not seem well-tended.  There seemed to be a seediness with cars parking and folks meeting up.

A MetroPark police office drove a few feet in front of me, and stopped.  As he looked back over his shoulder across one of the bridges toward three young adults walking, I caught a whiff of pot.  I looked at officer and said, “I think I smell what you smell.”  He smiled and nodded.  The trio walked past the officer, and eventually he pulled them over, handcuffing the two young men.

Other than that, it felt like an uneventful morning.

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