Now that the trailer for Spielberg’s LINCOLN has been released, a civil war has broken in the ranks of many Lincoln devotees.  Two Facebook groups to which I belong have already begun snipping away at the barely three second snippet of Sally Field portraying the embattled, oft wrongly accused and misunderstood first lady, Mary Todd Lincoln.

Immediately, the self-proclaimed critics were saying “Sally Field is too old” or “Sally Field is too thin” or adding other criticisms that are quite far-fetched.

How many actors or actresses are ever the exact same age as the stage, or screen character they portray?  And, is this really all that important?

When you compare Mary Todd Lincoln’s White House daguerreotypes to the youthful looking Sally Field’s photos, they do seem to balance out.  Mrs. Lincoln, by our contemporary standards, looks much older than her early to mid-forties White House years.  In the photograph of the 64 year old actress portraying Mrs. Lincoln, their 20 year separation in ages does seem to be a piddly thing about which to gripe.

If we shall be this picky, and critical, every actress portraying Mrs. Lincoln should always have the same waist size, stand the exact same height, have blue eyes, etc..

I also believe that Ms. Field’s work cannot be based on a very tiny clip from the trailer.  That is just a bit sophomoric.

Why not wait for the movie’s release?

Why not go see the movie in November and then cast all the stones you wish?

Once you have seen the movie, then those with a corseted waistline and same height as Mrs. Lincoln can cast all the individually wrapped Dolley Madison snack cakes they wish.  But, before you do, ask your self – “Was Ms. Field’s portrayal honest to the accounts written about Mrs. Lincoln?”  (But remember, the choices for Mrs. Lincoln’s portrayal could also be a combination of the director’s image.)

Mary Tyler Moore & Sam Waterston as The Lincolns