A fantastic day it was!

Susan Cook

Susan Cook

Breakfasted with Debbie McCutcheon before attending the funeral of our friend, and fellow music teacher, Susan Cook.  Susan was a bright spirit, had a loving nature, and a passion for teaching clarinet and saxophone to her many students.  Along with this, she was a phenomenal clarinetist.  Though only 61 years old, she began battling Alzheimer’s Disease quite some time ago.  Sadly, her beloved Granny, age 100.7 years, with whom she had lived and also shared an apartment in assisted living,  passed away one month to the day before Susan.  Her journey on earth is over, but her spirit of music will live on for eternity through all her students, and their children.

I spent more time with Debbie after the funeral, and then had a great time with Quintin, listening to some Johnny Cash songs, and some things he has been teaching himself on guitar.

We hurried to The Greene to watch RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK (in IMAX) with Loretta & Rick Henderson, along with the eldest of their two extremely beautiful daughters, Kayla, and Rick & Retta’s nephew, Dan Bergeron. This is the first time I have seen the Hendersons in several years – yeh – they live 20 minutes away in Huber Heights, we live in Kettering – this is life with teenagers.

Since Rick & Retta and I are the same age (yes, Rick, you are the younger of this trio – I shant forget), we saw it at age 16 as high school students.  What a difference 20… um… 25… ooops… 30…. dang… 31 years makes! It was so fun watching it with all these friends.

Quintin is off to a party/sleepover. I will put away the pork shoulder and sides for tomorrow night’s dinner.  Since I am spending time alone tonight, I will probably research the making of RAIDERS, and Composer John Williams.  Although I hate not having Quintin home, it is somewhat nice to sit back to enjoy some quiet reading time (but wait… I did this same thing last weekend!).

Thank you, Debbie, Retta, Rick, Kayla, & Dan for making my day all the more rich with your presence, and joyful souls.

And, dear Susan… sleep well, dear lady ~ may marching bands of angels play Thee to Thy rest…