My favorite part of the marching band season, and each home game, is the traditional Step-Off at 6:45pm.  The band lines up in front of the Performing Arts Wing and marches through the neighborhood to our stadium about three blocks away.  As the band winds its way around the school’s campus, tailgaters and other fans join in behind the band.  At the stadium, the band marches under the stadium bleachers with the drums pounding away.  The excitement in the stands matches the energy from the teenage marchers.

Up in the stands, I generally sit with Tony & Angela Bane, and Paula Bennett.  Now, that the Bennetts currently have no children in the high school marching band, Don, the marching band’s former photographer, has joined us.  And he brought his Lutheran pastor!  How cool is that?

Although I am not a football fan, I do enjoy these moments.

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