A big thank you to Felicia Dellis who offered free tickets she was given to the Donato’s Family Night at Fifth-Third Field where our Dayton Dragon’s play.

The weather was perfect all day, and the evening, even hanging in the mid-70’s, was excellent.  Hundreds of families – of all ages – gathered at the stadium to watch THE WIZARD OF OZ on the big screen.  Some families camped out on the field with blankets, while many gathered in the stands.

I enjoyed watching parents with their children, almost as much as I enjoyed watching several near us who were probably in their late 60’s or older.  These folks had probably grown up with the movie that came out 74 years ago, yet, they were captivated by the movie.  It was really a neat moment.

Whomever designed the graphics for the stadium’s side panel did a superb job!  The accompanying side panels extended the Gale farm, Munchkinland, the Yellow Brick Road, the Emerald City, and the Witch’s Castle.  When the Wicked Witch would appear, the side panels flared with burning red flames.  These effects really added much to the movie throughout.  Bravo!

Quintin and I had a great time howling at the Cowardly Lion’s deliveries, and watching some of the bloopers I pointed out along the way.

The older I get, I find that my infatuation with this movie deepens, and the lessons increase.  What a beautiful product!

This was an evening of sheer perfection!

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