When I first looked out the window at 6:30am, the yard was bathed in a beautiful golden spotlight.  A gentle rain was sprinkling, but the dying grass did not seem overjoyed as it seems so far gone.  Rain is expected through the day, even chances of thunderstorms.

Quintin finished his 2nd day of band camp.  One of the photo showed him wearing very short cut-off jeans and a pair of Superman underwear showing (it was something with several of the percussionists).  I sent a note on Facebook that if he wanted to have his underwear showing, he could wear these:

Today is a long day of teaching, as is tomorrow.  I currently have 57 students with 9 on a waiting list.  In a few weeks, 5 seniors will leave for college, and I will bid farewell to them – always a difficult time for me.

The air conditioner situation is semi-fixed.  The specialist thinks it may require a larger unit.

Right now, the darkened skies make the house quite dark throughout.  Thunder rumbles occasionally. The dogs are all stationed in nap poses, and I wish I could join them.