The previous night was to end early, but I ended up watching a Netflix documentary on the Navajo Code Breakers during WWII.  Quite fascinating!

The dogs allowed me to sleep until 7:00am.  Bless them!

I planted some ivy and some other ground cover that I like but can never remember what it is called.  After watering, the dogs were fed, and I had a cup of coffee while responding to email, and doing my morning reading.

I was surprised, and delighted to discover a comment on one of my posts: WWII Photographs.  My grandfather was in a military hospital, and had taken photographs of some of the patients, and a nurse.  Fortunately, Grandpa wrote names and addresses of these individuals on the back of the photos, which I included in the post.  The daughter of one of the photographed men responded.  I just find this incredibly exciting.

Band camp has already resumed, and is now in its second day.  I am hoping the rain will bypass the marching field, and that cool breezes will keep them comfortable.  However, I am not hoping the rain will bypass the farms, and our yards.

The yard just looks dead, especially in back.  The hostas in front are beautiful, and seem healthy, but the ones in the back yard have struggled.  The impatiens in front have struggled, many have died; however, in the back yard the impatiens are beautiful, and full!

A full day of teaching is soon to begin, followed by two very long days.  Thursday will be a great day – Mother arrives, and I will get to see Quintin, and bring him home from band camp.


The blooms are actually salmon not pink

The blooms are actually salmon not pink