Normally, I am not one who lives for the weekend, but this was one weekend that could not get here quickly enough.

Before we traipsed off to Indiana last weekend, we discovered, Wednesday afternoon, that the air conditioning was not working properly.  A gentleman came to fix it Thursday afternoon, but after 3-4 hours, it was still cooler outside than inside.  They returned Tuesday, and got to the center of the problem which was in the outside generator set-up.  I still don’t believe it is solved, but will give it a few more days.

With the A/C issue, I rescheduled my lessons to Thursday so students were not arriving to 104-degree temperatures in the house.  That threw off my week, even though I did not teach Monday.

With the teaching, A/C items, and basic life around the Haasienda, I also squeezed in a physical at the doctor’s, and a trip to my attorney to discuss an on-going harassment issue.  He suggested I file a report with the police department, which I did.  Hopefully, emails and other items involving defamation of character will get nipped in the bud quickly.

Quintin has had marching band percussion rehearsals from 9:00am-9:00pm all week, except this evening’s rehearsal which ended three hours early.  He is geared up for the marching season, but was starting to feel the exhaustion. Quintin was excited to be reunited with his band uniform, and even took a photo of himself!

Tomorrow morning and early afternoon will be filled with the typical preparations for the week at band camp: haircut, laundry, packing, snacks, etc..  The evening will find us with friends at the Italian Festival, and then on to a musical.

A long, productive, tiring week is over!