I have immensely enjoyed the travels of friends and students this summer.  They have traveled to Alaska, Canada, journeys out West, Hawaii (several friends), California, New Mexico, Arizona, Florida (quite a few), and New York City.

The Kress family ventured to Niagara Falls, across New York into Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. While in Vermont, they spent a night at the Trapp Family Lodge, established by the von Trapp family from SOUND OF MUSIC fame.  My student, Katie, and her mom, Amy, climbed the mountain behind the lodge up to the chapel built by the Trapp family. In 1999 I purchased a book, The World of the Trapp Family, but someone borrowed it and forgot to return it.  The very thoughtful Kress family brought me a new copy!

Amy Kress’ high school friend, Emily Webb, and her daughter, Savannah, who along with her brother is one of my students, is enjoying Germany and Austria.  Earlier this week, Emily and Savannah spent time in Salzburg, Austria, and visited some of the sites associated with the Trapp family, and the filming of the 1965 movie.