There Are Two Sides to Every Story (Joshua 22:1-34)

Study By: Jeff Miller

This is an Audio Sermon.


Although the Transjordan tribes had been granted land east of the Jordan River seven years earlier, they had remained faithful to the Lord by entering into the Promised Land with the rest of Israel to militarily conquer the rest of the land. They are now released by Joshua to return to their families and settle in their own land east of the Jordan. As a reminder of the faithfulness of God, these Transjordan tribes erect a huge altar just across the river from their homes. However, when Israel hears about this altar they are battle-ready, for the Lord had expressly forbidden any other altars to be used for sacrifices. Civil war is averted, though, when the Transjordan tribes explain that the altar is only for the purpose of commemoration, not for sacrifice.

Have you ever jumped to a conclusion before hearing both sides of a story?

Have you ever failed to give someone the benefit of the doubt, even though they had never wronged you?

Remember, if they are bringing words to you about another, they are sharing words about you to others…

And they have.