I don’t think I am any happier, and so content, than when I am in Fowler, Indiana.  My brother, Destin, and sister-in-law, Stacia, have the perfect setting to raise a family, celebrate life, and welcome visitors. It is serene, and so refreshing to the spirit.  Oscar Hammerstein II bought a farm near Doylestown, Pennsylvania, and I can certainly appreciate how he was affected, and inspired by his surroundings.

After visiting with Mother, and my nephew, Jonathan, and dining at The Hundred Mile House, we joined Stacia, Destin, and Carolyne to watch Freddie and Parker at football camp out at Benton Central Jr/Sr HS.  Parker was dutiful and attentive, and Freddie was a reminder of just how funny my kid brother was at that age – however, as a teenager, I was not as appreciative of my much younger brother’s antics.

We topped off the in-town festivities with ice, and then regrouped at the farm.  I took photos of Quintin, and then joined my nephews in some football tossing.

When I came in to down load my photos, Stacia was preparing something in the kitchen, and we actually had some time to ourselves to chat with very limited interruption.  Generally, our family visits are mass affairs, and spending time with either Destin or Stacia does not evolve as they are busy hosting gatherings. This was one of the most pleasant moments of the entire day, just chatting about family items with Stacia.

The evening is winding down with 15 minutes before the 11th hour strikes (or 2300 hours to my military friends).  Quintin and I have a full day and night ahead of us, and I shall be soundly sleeping within the hour.

I am so blessed…

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