I just read this article:  Yoga teacher fired after glare at Facebook worker.

It spoke volumes about our current society.

Yoga instructor Alice Van Ness was hired by Facebook to lead the exercise/yoga class.

“The whole point for most people going to yoga is that it’s disconnecting from the outside world,” said Van Ness, a 35-year-old San Carlos resident who has taught yoga for six years. “If you are bringing your phone into class, why are you even there?”

Van Ness told the Facebook class to turn their phones off after seeing a female employee with a cellphone out. Later, while demonstrating a difficult pose, she caught the same worker typing on her phone. Van Ness said she stayed silent, but shot the woman a disapproving look. The employee stepped out before returning to the class, Van Ness said.

According to the Facebook employee, she was quite embarrassed.

And, she should be!  She’s an adult, and the class was instructed to turn off their phones. To me, this is just common sense, as well as common courtesy.  As Ms. Van Ness said, “If you are bringing your phone into class, why are you even there?”

Personally, I am not a fan of the cell phone era despite the fact it is a very useful tool in emergencies.  Like Ms. Van Ness, I have been known to shoot glares at rude “cellulites” who carry their end of the conversation as though talking into a tin can with a string attached.  I do not need, nor do I wish to hear their conversation (even though I have heard some pretty interesting things).

When my students come for lessons they know their cell phones remain closed, or out in the living room where parents and other students wait.

At home, the cell phones are not allowed out during meals, and absolutely no sneaking under the table to read or send texts.

There are those moments when we need to take an important call, or text, and I always let folks know ahead of time that I may need to step away for a minute.  I also appreciate others letting me know ahead of time that they may need to take a call.

Remember the days before cell phones?  We had our regular home and office phones, and pay phones.  We were not married to each and every telephone message.  Before the era of the answering machine, we simply hoped we’d reach the person, or wait until it was convenient to call.  I remember the “no calls after 9:30pm” rule when growing up.  That has gone by the wayside.

I love the restaurants that have signs: Please refrain from using your cell phone while dining.  I do not know if it is enforced, but it does offer me some relief knowing my time is not going to be interrupted with someone’s rudeness.

In the movie theaters they ask for cell phones to be turned off, and not used during the movie. I am always seeing folks texting throughout the movie, and have even been in a theater where someone actually talks on their cell phone during the movie.

I only see the rude behavior continuing, or getting worse, as the cell phone is here to stay, and it seems that politeness, and courtesy are slowly fading away.

BRAVO, Alice Van Ness!  Stick to your guns!