I remember when, as a young boy of six or seven,my grandparents were dining at The Back-Forty smorgasbord in Decatur, Indiana (I think it was Decatur).  My grandmother gasped, and said, “Leroy, look.”

Grandpa turned to look, and his jaw dropped.  There was a man who looked identical to Grandpa Leroy’s father, who had passed away the year or so before. Grandpa turned, and said something to Grandma Donna, and when they turned to look at the gentleman again, he was gone.

It was a very peculiar moment, and a story I loved hearing over the years.  Even as a small child I believed in angels, and that there must somehow be a connection to this life, and the one just beyond.  I could not fathom, then, and even more so, now, that people just simply die and go away.

Tonight, as I was leaving Walmart, I turned my cart through the wide doors, and stopped abruptly.  The words, “Oh, my!” did not catch in my throat, but generated a reaction at the lady I had spied.

She turned around, quite puzzled, and said, “Yes?”

I explained that she looked identical to a lady I had known for many years while growing up in Elwood, Indiana.  The lady she resembled knew my grandparents well.  Her daughter was good friends with my mother, and her son’s first wife eventually became my beautiful aunt.

The lady was delighted that she reminded me of Irene Fisher…

“Irene?  My name is Eileen!”

We both responded with a similar, “Whoa!” and then began laughing.

I often think of these little moments as God Winks… anything that appears insignificant at first, yet, seems to have some layer of truth.

I do love these moments!

And am grateful for folks like Irene, and so many others who were threads in the tightly woven pattern of my life growing up in Elwood.