While standing in the cashier’s line at the grocery store this evening, I heard a mother say to her daughter, who was approximately 6 or 7 years old, “I am so proud of the way you changed your attitude!  I knew you could do it and you made a good choice by doing so.”

The daughter quickly picked up on this with, “Since I turned around my attitude can we get some ice cream now?”

The mother, firmly, but so sweetly said, “No.  I need to stick to my decision of not getting ice cream tonight when you were not making the best choices while we were shopping.”

“But I’m being good now…”

“And I am happy you are being good now.  However, my choice to not get ice cream was based on your choices when we began shopping.  I want you to always remember how important it is to make choices of being good so that it doesn’t interrupt fun plans like getting ice cream, or going to see a movie.”

The daughter was slightly deflated, but put up no resistance.

I was proud of the mother standing her ground, and not giving in to her child.  Stick to your guns!

Good job, Lady!