Last night after teaching a long day, I opened up the house to welcome the cooler temperatures.  It needed a boost from the fans, but it was still comfortable.  However, last night, I began swimming as the cool air from outside refused to enter the house.  This morning the air is still at a stand-still inside.


Beautiful. Around 6:50am, the sunlight began pouring in through the kitchen windows, and crawled through the round hall outside my bedroom, filling up that small space.  When the sun creeps along the floor each morning, I am always reminded of the Indiana Jones’ movie where he is down inside an Egyptian tomb-like area over a miniature city.

Quintin returned home around 11:00pm with Aaron Jacobs.  The two seemed to enjoy the DCI (Drum Corps International) contest in Centerville.

Today is a long day of teaching, 9:00am – 8:00pm with a 45 minute break.  I had three emails/calls from prospective new students, yesterday.

My friend, Patti King, continues on her adventures out West, while the Kress family(student family) is hitting many of my favorite, or Bucket List, sites on the East Coast. Last night they stayed at the Trapp Family Lodge in Stowe, Vermont.  I wish, so desperately, they could travel down to Manchester to see Hildene: the home of Robert Todd Lincoln.  It is something else!

My time on the deck is nearing its end. In 25-minutes I will need to shower, and prepare for my first student of the day.

Photos of Hildene in Manchester, Vermont:

Photos of the Trio from yesterday:

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