Most people dread the start of the work week.  I’ve always wondered if it was due to lack of interest in a job, or perhaps, not being as relaxed as they were over the weekend.  I must admit, I do look forward to my four-day weekends, and spending time with Quintin grabbing movies, hiking (in non-hell-degree weather), attending outdoor concerts, and all sorts of other fun things we abandon during the school year.

The deck is beautiful this morning. “The breeze is so busy it don’t miss” the wind chimes, the leaves, and me!  It feels so good to have this 71-degree air surrounding me, and wrapping it’s cool arms about me this morning.

The past week, I’ve begun each day by taking in a fantastic blog-journey with a wonderful person.

A beautiful lady, and friend, Patti King, is taking the THE ULTIMATE ROAD TRIP out West with her sister, father, and nephew.  Her first paragraph captured me, and I eagerly look forward to each day’s posting.

Begin this adventure with a spirited Grandpa wanting to give his newly graduated Grandson the gift of  the American West.  Add the loving Mother hoping for a little more time with her Son before he goes off to college in the fall.  And just for fun, sprinkle in the slightly goofy Aunt, who is on her own journey of discovery.

Patti always has a refreshing outlook on life that is founded in sheer love, inner-joy, and laughter.

Last January Patti’s world was turned upside down, spun around in every conceivable direction, jostled, tossed through the air like King Kong throwing the air plane, destroyed… She sustained terrible injuries in an automobile tragedy that also injured her daughter, and claimed the life of her wonderful husband. As many of us were reeling from this horrible event, the gifts, and blessings, of Patti, and her children, began shining through the hideous dark clouds, guiding the rest of us through shock, loss, and grief.  Those who lost the most were actually giving the most.  They were giving each of us valuable life lessons about love, living, music, God, family, and something I’ve come to love so much about this family: LAUGHTER!

Over the past few years, Patti has become one of several role models in my life.  I know she would balk at the idea, but I am sure she has her own role models.  Sometimes, I believe our role models are actually our disguised guardian angels, or as I like to call them, “my angel team.”  I believe there are spiritual, perhaps even winged, beings who guide, guard, and watch over us, but since my college days, I’ve come to believe that some of our earthly travelers serve as earthly-angels.

Patti has become one of them over time.

I met Patti six years ago, and was immediately doused in her generous, loving, and witty spirit.  I am so glad that God navigated our individual journeys so they would continually cross through musicals, marching band, percussion ensemble, Dollar General, the parking lot after rehearsals, or the Dollar Tree before band camp.  Each time I am in Patti’s presence I walk away feeling exhilarated.  I like to think of those moments as Baptisms by Patti – she is one of those who, even with a smile, can refresh, and replenish the soul.

What I am enjoying most about this ‘ultimate journey’ is how Patti explores her own growth on different levels.  She is enjoying a soulful adventure while absorbing the beauty of our nation’s Western-side, and basking in togetherness with her family.

I love the phrase, God Winks. I want to say I borrowed it from author, Philip Gulley, however, I am not absolutely certain.  God Winks are those little reminders that serve a guiding, or reassuring purpose when they occur.  My life seems to be full of God Winks.  I’ve begun calling them Winkies, and even hum the “Winkie’s Song” from THE WIZARD OF OZ when one occurs.

Whenever I am near Patti King, I feel as though a jet engine is blasting its powerful fan as God just seems to wink greatly through Patti!

Click on the link to Patti’s blog and get your own blast of God’s fluttering eye-lid!