For tonight’s movie, Quintin suggested THE OUTSIDERS.


The movie was released March 25, 1983, when I would have been up to my ears with the last two months of my senior year of high school.  It took me 29 years to see the movie, and I honestly do not recall knowing the movie, let alone the book, even existed.

I didn’t know it was a book, and Quintin said he had read the book in 7th grade, and then watched the movie.  I must admit, Quinny has more of a grasp on a wider range of movies than I do.  And I am impressed with how many movies he knows from when I was his age.

As the movie unfolded I kept exclaiming, “Oh my God! It’s ____!”  The actors, all around my age, were just getting their careers underway.  The cast line-up was exciting, and powerful!

C. Thomas Howell

Rob Lowe

Ralph Macchio

Patrick Swayze

Emilio Estevez

Tom Cruise

Matt Dillon

Glenn Withrow
With the exception of Patrick Swayze, who passed away in 2009 (and maintaining an incredible career), all these actors are still going strong today. C. Thomas Howell has six movies in post-production.  It is amazing that they are still acting, or have moved on to directing and writing.