I had just looked over at the clock and saw it was 1:00am… still wide awake from watching the movie with Quintin, I picked up the remote to check what…


The windows in my bedroom were rattled by the exceptionally loud explosion.

I ran outside, thinking it was over on Rockhill, but quickly spied large flames in the grass across the street (right in front of the house where the neighbor lady lost her front porch in last week’s storm).

The neighbor man directly across the street, and the lady, in whose yard the fire was spreading, immediately pulled out hoses and began dousing the flames.  Shortly, a police officer arrived, sans Bill’s Donuts, and could not be coaxed to make a Bill’s Donut run for those of us gathered.  The firetruck, bearing four crew members (one a former Fairmont percussionist), pulled up and they determined it was a firecracker similar to a M80, packing enough punch to cause a fire.

By 1:15am it was all over, and we returned to our homes… still, sans Bill’s Donuts.