I’ve always loved the month of June, and still do.  Despite the brilliance of beauty, and new growth that accompanies the month’s arrival, I am always reminded of key loved ones in my life who are no longer with us. Aside from my mother, these four individuals, two uncles, and both grandparents, were major forces in my life, the three men often serving as “dads” in my life.

June 3rd, 2004 – Grandpa Leroy (Leroy Barmes)

June 8th, 1987 – Uncle Ron (Ronald Barmes)

June 27th, 1992 – Grandma Donna (Donna M. Clary – Barmes)

June 29th, 2002 – Uncle Garry (Garry Jolliffe)

But, soon after the rain comes the sun’s brilliant shining once again.  The reminders of these tender days often become a reflection of what these four gave me, the lessons they taught, the light they shared.  I was, indeed, blessed to have had two of the best grandparents, and two of the very best uncles.  Though they are no longer physically present in my world, I am assured that their winged-souls hover near, often reminding me that “they never truly leave us.”

May choirs of angels continue to sing each of you to your eternal rest….