The gentle, cool breeze drifting across the deck is a sly mistress to the impending heat of 100+ degrees that is to arrive shortly. The windows are open for one last breath of fresh air before The Haasienda goes on A/C lockdown. The humidity is attempting to wrestle its way in with the breeze.

In the front yard while watering this morning, a bright yellow Mary Todd day lily greeted me.  This bloom is from a second of four plants, and it has a number of anthers surrounding it.

I prepared an omelet this morning with some left-over steak from last night, and a few tea spoons of Bisquik mixed in with the eggs.  Wow!  One of the best omelets I’ve ever made.

Quintin traveled to Fairfield, Ohio last night with Shawnee Breitenstein, her son, Patrick, who is one of my students, and one of Quintin’s godparents, Aaron Jacobs. They ventured South to see a DCI (Drum Corps International) competition, slating several fine ensembles to battle it out. Quintin had never seen a drum & bugle corps, save what I’ve shown him on You Tube.  He returned home with no comments, and a few of my questions received simple answers.  Hopefully, today, he will be more talkative.

Last night I discovered a note on my Facebook business page from one of the Drama-Keepers who doesn’t seem to know where her life stops, and mine begins. The other pests raised their voice of concern, and admonition, yet I am sure their one off-spring has failed to report to the parental units that they attempted to “friend me” recently on Twitter, and several months ago on Facebook. The individual expressed that I was to steer clear of them, yet, they are the ones stalking me via this blog, or attempting to “friend me” on social sites when they led the charge last fall to de-friend me.  The fierce-talking ogre needs to stop pushing  weight around with me, and keep his own line in check to make sure they leave me – and my family – alone.

Last week, someone decided to post something regarding a visit with me that was quite untrue.  However, the Drama-Committee, that enjoys serenading me in their Christian-covered guises, took the person’s claim at face-value, and chimed in. The one Drama Queen, who has high levels of nutty toxicity and wrote me the note last night, even went so far as to post about me on her Facebook page. I can remember this neurotic mess sitting in my living room and telling her son, “there are always two sides to a situation, and S__, don’t you get involved unless you know both sides.” Clearly, she’s forgotten the instructions she insisted her son follow.

These sad individuals will always dine at the drama buffet, pretending to be the hands and feet of Christ, yet, in reality, they are merely drama-excrement.  While I am going about my business, they will always continue to be “hidden stirrers” because it is the only way they know how to attempt to burrow beyond their holes of imprisonment.

Que sera… sera…

Tonight, I will teach two make-up lessons, and then will only have one day of teaching until Monday, June 9th!  My free time to write, and accomplish a few household chores.  Our friend, Snickers, will come to stay with us for a week while his family retreats to a Canadian island for a much needed break.