Most soulish believers assume an attitude of self-righteousness, though often it is scarcely detectable. They hold tenaciously to their minute opinions we ought to lay aside the small differences and pursue the common objective. Watchman Nee

Friday’s fun adventures in Indiana seemed to continue through yesterday, and perhaps, today.  It is so nice having Quintin home, and it feels so good to be laughing (out loud) at the things he says.

Saturday morning, I hurried up to ACTION Adoption to take photographs of the remodeling project, and then decided, at the last minute, to visit Wegerzyn Gardens – Five Rivers MetroPark.  If you live in The Miami Valley, this is something you really need to visit. Had I not been so anxious to get to the pow wow, I would have stayed longer.

Darin’s photos of Wegerzyn Gardens

At Noon, Quintin and I headed four miles over to SunWatch Indian Village: Darin’s previous blog entry & photos. It was a fantastic time, and Quintin seemed to enjoy himself.  In the 18 months he has been here, he has not been very communicative about his heritage. However, the past several months he has been more open. At the pow wow, I asked him questions, and he seemed eager to share responses, and offer more information.

We returned home to let the dogs out.  Abby Tarlano is staying with us this week, and she is always such a nice blend to The Haasienda.

By 7:00pm we were en route to the Dayton Mall area to watch DARK SHADOWS. I had heard/read mixed reviews, but Quintin and I, both, enjoyed the movie. Afterward, we hit Applebees for a late dinner.

There are no plans on the docket today, and I will wait to see what Quinny wants to do.

“The self-righteous never apologize.” – Leonard Ravenhill