At 9:30am, after playing Father Noah to the three dogs, and Quintin, the car was loaded of its passengers and we departed Kettering fifteen minutes ahead of schedule.

Chief was only ill once, and the pups seemed to do slightly better.  We stopped outside Zionsville for gas, food, and a puppy potty break.

Since we were arriving at the critical nap time for the nephews and niece, we decided to stop at Tippencanoe Battlefield historical site.  Quintin, my Navajo son, asked, “What happened here?”  I casually said, “An Indian massacre.”  Quintin pretended to dodge bullets.

We enjoyed a few minutes inside the welcome center’s gift shop, and then grabbed the dogs for a nice hike around the site.

The dogs were so excited by all the new smells, and the new sights. Flyer, though blind for a year now, does remarkably well, and seems to have the same wonderful spirit she’s always possessed. We met a couple from Noblesville who chatted with us for a while, and they were so impressed with the behavior of all three dogs.  The man said his dog went through four different training classes and still could not fetch.

The hike runs parallel to a stream, and the shady path and coolness from the water was refreshing.  In the 1830’s an Artesan spring was discovered, and it still runs today.  The dogs loved lapping up the cold water.

We arrived at Mother’s new house, fed the dogs, and tied them up to the surrounding trees.  Destin arrived for a short while. I ended up falling asleep for at least an hour while Quintin and Mother chatted away.  He played his guitar for Grandma.

We dined at Destin & Stacia’s, and Stacia’s mother, Norma, joined us.  After dinner we spent time on the deck, in the yard, and all over the property. The pups were better behaved on this trip!

Quintin and I went for a drive through Fowler, hoping to catch the final touches of the setting sun, but my camera’s battery died. Before leaving, I asked Navi and Chief if they would like to ride in the car with us, and they both hurdled themselves into the car.

It is now 11:00pm, and the house is silent.  My eye lids are heavy, and I am ready to sleep.