A short while ago, I saw this item on Facebook:

Several times I had pondered the purpose of, not only the megachurches, but the enormous, elaborate cathedrals and churches all around the world.  Along one route I use to drive when returning to Central Indiana, there was a fairly large church that looked more like my Uncle Danny’s aluminum barn – it was nothing fancy. The sign out front always indicated some type of mission work, or events for the community.

For the past thirty minutes, I’ve pondered the issue of the megachurch.  Do we build tall cathedrals in the manner of Babel’s tower – to get closer to God?

As I briefly researched opposing sides, one thought was: “Imagine how many more things could be accomplished for those in need, or to simply be of service to others if we didn’t invest so much funding into the buildings, and all the trappings.”


I started thinking about Jesus.  According to at least one passage in The Bible, this was Jesus’ megachurch:

If we did not build cathedrals, large churches, megachurches, or go on mission trips to Honduras and other places, is there more we could do to live a Christ-centered life?

Could our churches, when not in use throughout the week, be used at night to provide shelter for those who do not have shelter?

How do our megachurches, our cathedrals, our mission-vacations make us better Christians if we are not living a service-driven life?