I am taking a ME-Day.

That can stand for:

  • I am taking time for myself, “me,” and doing fun things
  • I am taking a mental-enjoyment day
  • I am taking a mentally-enriching day

Whatever it stands for, I am taking time for me and doing whatever pleases me.

Right now, that means sitting on my deck eating eggs and toast, listening to the birds and other little creatures in the fairly wooded easement, hearing the traffic whiz by on Shroyer, enjoying the fact that my Mary Todd daylilies have bloomed much earlier than anticipated, and preparing to spend time writing on the Wright Brothers’ musical.

Quintin has a 9am-9pm marching band percussion rehearsal, and I can hear the snare drums, quads, cymbals and bass drums smacking away on the campus next door.

So, until 9:00pm, with the exception of running one errand, and spending the lunch and dinner breaks with Quintin, I am keeping this day all to my self.