The day began at 8:15am with a private lesson before the student headed next door to the high school for a final exam.  By 10:00am I was on my way to the middle school for the last time this Spring, and remained until 1:00pm.  Back at home I completed a few minor tasks, and treated myself to a brief nap before teaching some make-up lessons. The rest of the evening was event-filled, and I finally returned home by midnight.

And at 2:00am, I am still wide awake.

A fairly steady rain has fallen for several hours.  The air has cooled, offering a good deal of relief after several days of 90-degree temperatures.  I am happy for the rain as it will give many gulps of water to all my flowers and plants; however, the large, old blanket will fill my study so the three dogs can wipe their paws.  It is rather cute to watch: Flyer, very well trained, wipes her paws and settles down until called; Navi and Chief parade around the room before following Flyer’s lead in laying down.

Tomorrow’s full, fun-filled agenda begins at 8:30am with some minor end-of-the-school-year celebrations.  At 1:00pm we will take in the new Wilbur Wright exhibit at Carillon Park before heading over to Woodland Cemetery to participate in the Wilbur Wright memorial services.  The Woodland Cemetery Facebook page lists the event as:

Friday, June 1st at 3:00pm – Historic Woodland Cemetery & Arboretum will hold a Memorial Service in honor of the 100th anniversary (to the minute) of Wilbur Wright’s burial. Starting at 3pm at the Wright Family Monument, the event will include a flyover and music by the US Air Force Band of Flight. Special presenters will include Neil Armstrong, Mayor Gary Leitzell, Historian Rick Young and relatives of the Wright family. At 3:30pm, an honorary Moment of Silence will be held. Please join us for this momentous event.

I know this probably sounds quite macabre to some, but as a devotee of Wright family history, this is truly a major moment for me.  I am taking Quintin with me so he can see Neil Armstrong, the first man to walk on the moon.

Friday evening holds several graduation parties of students.

I am hoping sleep will arrive soon so I can maintain full energy throughout the 15-or-so hours I will be fully occupied.