You want to see what fun I am having with the IRS??

They are disputing Quintin’s adoption, and that I should never have claimed him as an adopted dependent to receive the earned “adoption credit” of $13,000 – which is something new for adoptive families.

This March, along with my completed taxes, I sent in, as requested by IRS, copies of:

  • his current birth certificate
  • adoption decree
  • Navajo pedigree document

In early May I received a letter stating I was being investigated for the adoption credit, and that my information on Quintin did not match up with their information.

When I called the one representative, she said that I could not claim him as a newly adopted son because:

  • there was no mother listed on the birth certificate (?)
  • his birth certificate clearly shows he was born April 1995 to me, and that he was, therefore, not adopted

I explained there were copies of the adoption decree, and of course, she did not have them.

I resent copies of all the papers, including his original birth certificate with items marked in “red” to indicate he had birth parents, and then me as his adoptive parent.

Today, I received a large envelope filled with items. They want even more proof – tons and tons of items!

  • a letter from the adoption agency on letterhead, explaining Quintin was adopted
  • a letter from the placing agency (New Mexico) on letterhead, explaining Quintin was adopted
  • a letter from the adoption attorney on letterhead, explaining Quintin was adopted
  • a letter from the tribe official on letterhead, explaining Quintin was adopted
  • the court decree (which will be the 3rd I’ve sent in!)
  • the Navajo pedigree (which will be the 3rd I’ve sent in!)
  • my marriage license (good luck on finding that one!)
  • letters from New Mexico
  • letter from last school to indicate he left
  • foster care agency to indicate he left

Quintin’s current

  • 2011 school records (to show 6 month’s attendance)
  • 2011 medical records from Ohio
  • any other 2011 education documentation to prove his residency

My residency papers

  • 6 months of 2011 utility receipts for electric, water, gas
  • 6 months of 2011 house payments
  • 6 months of 2011 telephone receipts (but cell phone is not acceptable, and we’ve not had land line for some time)

They sent me an EXAM that I must complete, by mail, to prove my residency in the USA, and Ohio – I’ve been a full-time USA resident since 1964, and in Ohio since 1990!

Good grief!