The 2012 Haasienda Grooming is nearly done.

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11:30am, the festivities began with running errands, and returning home to a solid six and one half hours of work.  We were so pumped over the accomplishments we didn’t realize it was long past lunch until the three hounds started their kitchen-prance for their 4:30pm feeding.

A new corner fence is now installed in the front yard, replacing the three-year old fence that had become a termite buffet.  We also added one to the back yard to prevent the pups from jumping from the deck directly into the yard, thus creating bare patches in the lawn.

Quintin was such a super help, and actually did a good portion with me.  He asked to plant the hostas, and impatiens, and then asked if he could create a brick border.  And plant, and create, he did!  I was proud of his hard work.

We ended the day by heading to the skate park so Quintin could enjoy a good 90 minutes of skate time.

And now I sit out on the deck, typing away, quite exhausted, but not wanting to waste a minute of fresh air, and some awake-quiet time.