The day is rather quiet, but has definitely been busy.  A trip to the store to buy a hose for the front yard, followed by mowing, trimming and blowing the front yard.

Now, I am seated on my deck.  Lunch is completed.  The dogs are lounging around the deck, panting in the mounting heat of the early afternoon.  I may take a nap before teaching seven straight hours without a break.

Tomorrow, I will hopefully find me working, and visiting my creative place that I have desperately missed.

Thursday’s teaching day will commence at 9:00am, but end early so I can travel to Beavercreek High School to serve as the MC for their choral awards.

Friday evening we will support my middle school saxophone students, and director, Aaron Jacobs, for the middle school OMEA large ensemble contest.

Saturday evening will hopefully find us attending THE SOUND OF MUSIC at Dayton Playhouse, following a morning of completing the construction of the new corner fence.  Monday evening, I cemented the posts, but will need assistance with attaching the cross rails.

The day is quite beautiful, and the gentle breeze keeps the wind chimes singing a frequent line.