The week was busier than usual, but sped by so quickly that I had to continually stop to remind myself what day it was.

Monday I purchased my impatiens from the Fairmont Industries plant sale – my annual purchase – and completed a good deal in the front yard.

Tuesday I baked cookies for the students and staff of Fairmont industries, and completed a few tasks around the gardens in back.  The raised garden near the fire pit has new plants.

Wednesday I spent the entire school day at a middle school to serve as a mock-judge as each band prepares for contest in a few weeks.  I was so tired I fell asleep at 8:45pm, and woke at 10:45pm to find Quintin already asleep.  I only saw him as he walked out the door for school, said good bye as he left for percussion auditions.

Thursday I taught all day and night. I was exhausted, but it was the only time I had actually gotten to spend any decent amount of time with Quintin.  We grabbed some Taco Bell, and several movies, settling down to watch NATIONAL LAMPOON’S FAMILY CHRISTMAS VACATION.  I love this movie, and now Quintin is hooked on it, as well.

Friday was spent with more impatiens-potting, mulching, teaching, and missing a program at Beavercreek. I thought it began at 7:30pm and it actually started at 6:00pm.  I am not a happy camper at the moment.

Tonight, we will join Aaron Jacobs at Wright State University to watch a student written/directed musical at 11:00pm.  I love these late shows the students produce, as they are generally quite good.

This weekend we will hopefully replace the rotting corner-fence out front, and add a new one to the back yard at the foot of the deck so the pups won’t continue to jump off the deck, creating bare patches.