The evening teaching schedule ended early since students are with choirs competing in the OMEA state competition, or performing in musicals.

The deck is peaceful… birds are singing… a breeze has conquered the humidity… the speaker from the track meet next door at the high school is keeping me posted of the events… the traffic is busy on Shroyer Road… Navi is perched at her backyard guard station at the edge of the deck, preparing to tackle anything that enters the yard… Chief is asleep on his back (?)… Flyer is nestled at my feet, snoring… the skies to the south have darkened and thunder is rumbling, announcing the impending storm… this is such a beautiful afternoon…

A moment ago, after writing the above paragraph, I recalled the theme of my horoscope from earlier this morning:

It’s important to remember to appreciate beauty today — the creativity you’re nurturing needs some aesthetic inspiration to fully flower. Natural beauty is the most effective way to do this, so try to find time to take a walk and enjoy the day. Even if you can get outside for only ten or fifteen minutes, the fresh air and light exercise will serve you well. Try to time it in the middle of the day, when you will likely need a boost in your energy level.

For once, I can buy into this horoscope!

Photo from yesterday…