The Jolliffe-Haas Family of Ohio


…A Little About Darin…

Darin was born in Elwood, Indiana in 1964. Since he premiered the same night as the television sitcom, BEWITCHED, he has been a lifelong fan of the program. Darin Jolliffe (pronounced, “Jah-liff”) was adopted by his step-father in 1984, and added the name “Haas” (pronounced, “Hahz”) to his birth name. However, as a teacher he is known just as “Mr. Haas.”

At 48, Darin is a private teacher (voice, saxophone, piano), a playwright, a musical theatre director, a band booster, works with the Beavercreek High School show choir, and a volunteer with ACTION Adoption Agency where he often teaches classes, and served as president of the board for three years. In 2009 Darin directed his 85th musical production which was also the 60th anniversary premiere of the musical SOUTH PACIFIC.  He is currently completing the writing of a musical on the Wright Brothers, the Lincolns, Father Flanagan, and several projects on the back burner. Music is a major component of family life in the Haasienda!

Darin’s 3 loves…

  • Being a dad
  • Being an uncle
  • Being a teacher

Darin enjoys a wide variety of activities, especially when he and the boys are doing things together. They love going to historical sites, out for ice cream/coffee, to movies or local events, cheering family friends on in shows or sports, walking the dogs, hiking, going to Kings Island or Indiana Beach amusement parks, or spending time with family, and family friends. Darin can be found watching a Netflix documentary or History Channel documentary, or reading books on American history, presidents, the White House, or biographies.

 …A Little About Jose…

Jose, now 21, was adopted in 2004 from Oregon when he was twelve years old, and adjusted wonderfully to adopted-life.  He graduated from Fairmont High School in June 2011. Two weeks later he was transported to Fort Benning in Georgia to fulfill the 18 weeks of basic training with the national guard. The biggest thrill for Jose during high school was marching with the award winning Marching Firebirds where he was in the front-line percussion as a marimba player. He also performed with the regionally award winning Fairmont Percussion Ensemble.

While in high school, Jose willingly accompanied his dad to ACTION Adoption to assist with the younger children while their parents are in training or support group, and often joined his father when training prospective adoptive parents.

While still serving in the National Guard, and attending classes at the local Sinclair Community College, Jose is also finishing up his training with the Ohio Police Academy.  Jose lives in his own apartment near The Haasienda.

…A Little About Quintin…

Quintin, now 17, arrived at the Haasienda in December 2010 when he was 15, and quickly transitioned from New Mexico to Ohio.  Within a month of arriving in Ohio, Quintin auditioned on guitar for, and was selected for one of the area’s largest church’s youth band. His budding personality and quiet coolness quickly wins over hearts of teachers, friends, and anyone who meets him.

May 2011, Quintin joined the marching band’s percussion section where he is a part of the battery on cymbals.  From November to mid-April (2012), Quintin rehearsed, and performed with Fairmont’s highly competitive indoor percussion which was ranked Mid-West champions, and ranked 12th in the nation. He is thoroughly enjoying his freshman year of high school for all the music and art opportunities that are available.

When not spending time with Dad, and friends, Quintin skateboards, sketches pictures, or composes new songs on the guitar.

…A Little About Flyer, Chief & Navi…

, 11 years old, was adopted by Darin in 2001, and has been an absolute delight. She is trained to respond to her commands in English, German, and Sign Language. Flyer loves spending time with “the men” and especially loves going on trips to visit Grandma, and other family members in Indiana. August 2010 Flyer developed pancreatitis and nearly died; however, despite losing her sight, she rebounded beautifully. 

DSC03587Chief & Navi, born November 2010, arrived at the Haasienda in February 2011. They quickly becameDSC03588 household fixtures, and are quite popular with all Darin’s students. They are doing a great job with their commands, even learning some of their commands in German and instructional sign language.  They love going on the family walks in the evening, and spend most of their time relaxing on the back deck, chasing one another around the back yard, or staying near Dad. Now almost fully grown, “the kids” are much larger, much more playful, much more trained, and still, much more a hand-full!


…A Little About Our Indiana Family…



If any woman deserves Mother or Grandma of the Year, it would be this woman. Darin’s birth father left the family when Darin was 12. His mother did a wonderful job of raising her children as a single parent, and served as a wonderful role model as a parent. In 1981, Grandma joined the Elwood Police Department while still managing a busy home filled with children, and their many friends. In February 2012, Grandma retired from the police department, and moved to Fowler, Indiana to live near Darin’s younger brother, Destin, and his family. Although her children are raised, they often turn to her for advice, and she is highly involved in all the grandchildren’s activities. Grandma frequently travels to Ohio to watch Quintin’s (and formerly, Jose’s) marching band contests, or Darin’s theatre and music activities. The success of her two sons, and now their children, is easily traced to Grandma.


Darin’s brother & sister-in-law

536683_3298227394238_1826094904_nUncle Destin is Darin’s younger brother, and is married to Aunt Stacia. Uncle Destin is ending his career as a high school-middle school principal to become superintendent of schools. In 2010 Uncle Destin was one of Indiana’s 2010 Principals Of The Year. He has been nominated again for Indiana’s 2011 Principal of the Year. Destin is currently completing his doctorate in education while remaining extremely active with his family. Aunt Stacia, an educational therapist, is currently a stay-at-home mom, and keeps busy with their sons, Parker, 7, and Freddie, 5, and Carolyne, 2. The end of January, they are expecting their 4th child.  Uncle Destin & Aunt Stacia are very involved with their school corporation, their community, and their church. They live on a beautiful farm that has been in Aunt Stacia’s family for over a century. It comes complete with barns, a pond, tractors, and a landscape dotted with wind turbines. Due to the very similar family values, and ideas on parenting, Destin & Stacia also are on our family Godparent Team.

…A Few Things About The Jolliffe-Haas Family…

Being in the Jolliffe-Haas family…

  • means you are very loved, accepted, and special…
  • means being part of a tight-knit family team that thrives on time spent together in a variety of activities…
  • means cheering one another in their events…
  • means being honest with one another, and ourselves…
  • means celebrating one another’s victories while being sensitive to one another’s moments of need…
  • means laughing – a lot…
  • means picking up after our selves, taking responsibility, and doing our best…
  • means learning about family, friendships, and most importantly, our selves…
  • means learning about the world around us and how we each fit in as individuals, and as a family team, and as a community…
  • means learning to be the very best we can be as individuals…
  • means most importantly – always knowing we are all loved.


…About the Godparent Team…

Darin decided that instead of having one family designated as godparents, an entire team would be assembled. In the unlikely event that something should happen to Darin, this group would come together to work on the best plan for his sons. Uncle Destin & Aunt Stacia would lead this team of dear family friends. The team is comprised of teachers, a college professor, youth leaders, coaches, writers, a college vice president, a social worker, a pharmacist, engineers, two retired military personnel, musicians, active church members, an educational therapist, and above all, wonderful people who would be certain Darin’s sons each received the same values, tools, and love for life.

 Those serving on The Godparent Team with Uncle Destin & Aunt Stacia are:

Bill & Kay Hetzer

Darin has been dear friends with the Hetzers since 1996.  In 2000 and 2001, Bill and Kay adopted two sons, Joey & Chris, through ACTION Adoption Services. The Haas and Hetzer boys grew up together, and always had the common bond of adoption journeys. Bill is retired from the United States Army, and is a teacher. Kay, very involved in music, is also a teacher. They are also very proud grandparents!

Jeffrey Carter

Darin met Jeff in 2004 when he returned to Ball State University for the Ball State Singers’ 40th anniversary performance. Jeff and Darin became immediate friends, and Darin coached Jeff through his own adoption process. Jeff now lives in St. Louis, MO, where he is the director of music for Webster University, and a nationally-renowned conductor. Jeff is a busy world traveler, and visits The Haasienda as often as he can so he can see his nephews!

 Aaron Jacobs

Aaron Jacobs is the newest member of The Godparent Team.  Aaron, an outstanding band director at a local middle school, also studies voice with Darin.  Both Jose & Quintin look forward to seeing Aaron at lessons, or at the numerous music events.  In the fall you can usually find Aaron playing and marching with the alumni band with The Ohio State Marching Band. This fall, Aaron will return full time to Wright State University where he will complete his graduate studies, and serve as a conductor.

 Brian & Joanie Pollock 

Joanie & Brian Pollock have lived all over the United States, even Alaska, as an Air Force family. Now, they live in Beavercreek, Ohio, right next to Kettering. Brian’s career still keeps him at the base, and Joanie is a social worker for Catholic Social Services. Their eldest son, Tyler, is a senior & soccer star at Butler University, and Zach, now in college, is one of Darin’s former students, was one of the Miami Valley’s strongest teen performers. Brian and Joanie are currently adopting a 17 year old African American son who is in show choir and musicals. Our families do a number of activities together, and enjoy the fun of teenage sons.

Pati & Mike Rogers

Pati and Mike Rogers are very active band parents with two teenagers in the band program.  Mike is a brilliant mechanic, and drives the marching band’s semi-trailer.  Pati is a phenomenal photographer, and is the band’s photographer.  The Rogers are a fun family, and have ‘adopted’ Quintin as one of theirs.

Steve & Shawnee Breitenstein

Steve & Shawnee Breitenstein, and their two children, Lauren and Patrick, live in nearby Beavercreek, Ohio.  Shawnee, a former band director, is now a full-time band mom, and along with Steve, a businessman, volunteer many hours to the middle school show choir where their son is a featured singer and dancer.  The Breitensteins are very active in their community, schools and church.

Tom & Heather Bridgman

Tom and Heather, like the other godparent team members are busy as a band and show choir family. Their daughter is in Beavercreek HS’s show choir and concert band, and their son is in the middle school show choir. Tom is in business, and Heather is a technology director for Ohio’s Autisim & Low Incidence.  They are an active family in school and church.

Tony & Susan Saliba

Darin has known the Saliba family for many years having served as a teacher and director for two of their three children.  Tony is the dean of engineering at The University of Dayton, and Susan is the program director for The University of Dayton’s Research Institute in Engineering.  One son is a senior in college, one a senior in high school, and their daughter is a freshman in high school. Show choir and church activities keeps this family quite busy.

…Our other family…

~ A.C.T.I.O.N Adoption Services~

 Mary Tarlano   Patricia Hill (director)   Angela Brosh

 ACTION, Inc. is a private non-profit adoption agency licensed by the State of Ohio founded and operated by adoptive mothers/licensed social workers.  ACTION provides a wonderful support group for both parent, and children, each Friday night, and hosts a wonderful Christmas Party for all their adoptive families each November during National Adoption Month.

A.C.T.I.O.N. believes that all children have the right to a loving, caring and supportive family to aid in their growth as moral, functional members of society. They value their commitment to aggressively recruit families for waiting children across the United States in order to create Forever Families.  ACTION believes in educating perspective and adoptive families as well as the community on adoption.

 Darin teaches pre-adoptive courses, and the boys often assist with the children’s program, or hang with other adopted teenagers.

 ACTION’s Website:

Watch the  2012 Jolliffe-Haas Family Holiday video:


…Family Photos…

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