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Yesterday evening, I read about all the things my St. Louis friend, Jeff Carter, had completed in his own yard.  This morning I was motivated to take advantage of the beautiful weather, and impending rain showers, to hit some areas in my own backyard.

In July 1974, my grandparents took me to Virginia and Washington, DC to visit my Uncle Ron, stationed in the Navy at Norfolk.  During our travels we stopped at Jefferson’s Monticello, and Washington’s Mount Vernon.  While waiting in line at Mount Vernon, I was fascinated with a familiar leaf on a shrub.  My grandmother, a wonderful gardener in her own right, explained this was the holly bush.  Since then, I have always wanted a holly bush. I wandered through the Meijer home/garden suite, having difficulty in deciding what should be done.  Normally, I confer with my neighbor, Bob “The Lawn Guy” before doing anything too invasive; however, this morning, I was on my own.

While roaming the garden center, I found holly shrubs – 3 for $10.  I bought six plants.  Now, they boarder the little patio above Logan’s grave, and will hopefully, after spanning outward, will frame it completely.  I would like to purchase one of those round, glass colored balls to place on top of the pedestal once I repaint it.

I completed a few other needs in the back yard, and then touched up some items in the front yard.  The fence I built several years ago is rotting, and must be replaced.  Hopefully, that will be a weekend project.

I do enjoy being the chief gardener at The Haasienda!

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