We’ve all had days when even those folks with a positive spirit just feel overloaded. Normally, anything tossed directly into the path can easily be gotten around. However, there are those days when you look ahead to see piles of debris every few feet…

And then comes that God wink… something, or someone, reminding you that all is well with the world, and that most things are not permanent. What is most special is when those reminders/winks come from someone whose recent path was somewhat destroyed by tragedy. Yet, they rose up with miraculous courage, strength, and spirit to reexamine, readjust, rebuild, and reenter their path.

When I returned home from grocery shopping, feeling like a whupped pup, I found this beautiful planter on my front porch, accompanied by a card that readjusted my own vision of my path.  For a moment, I felt humbled.  Yet, I quickly realized there was no reason to slip into a guilty state – after all, I AM HUMAN!

And I love being human because I can grow!

With renewed spirit, and a readjusted vision for the day, I set out with a newly purchased bag of grass seed, and spread hand fulls in the bare areas of my front lawn.   The tempo of my day took an abrupt turn for refocusing on the positives in life, and returning to my normal pace of growing as a human.

As I watered the newly distributed grass seed, hostas, and other beauties of nature sprouting in this very early Spring, a familiar hymn haunted my mind…

Soft as the voice of an angel, breathing a lesson unheard,
Hope with a gentle persuasion whispers her comforting word:
Wait till the darkness is over, wait till the tempest is done,
Hope for the sunshine tomorrow, after the shower is gone

Whispering hope, oh, how welcome thy voice, making my heart in its sorrow rejoice.