One month ago, on February 26th, a seventeen year old boy was gunned down in Sanford, Florida.  Why? The answer is not exactly clear, however, it appears that racial profiling may have been the root to this young man’s murder.

The country has sung out in unison against this heinous act, and even our president spoke up, giving this young man a place in humanity.

One of the major symbols of this out-cry has been “the hoodie.” All sorts of photos have been crossing my Facebook feed of

Racism is NOT a disease with which we are born… it is taught. Even in 1949, lyricist Oscar Hammerstein II weighed in on racism with the song, “You’ve Got To Be Taught” from SOUTH PACIFIC (co-written with composer Richard Rodgers, and co-writer/director Joshua Logan).

When my one son was in 8th grade, he let his hair grow to shoulder length.  One day, we were walking from Kroger, and he stopped to tie his shoe as I continued walking.  He had not yet caught up with me when a police officer, driving by, slowed down and kept a vigilant eye on my son.  It took me a moment to realize why the officer was eyeing my son.  I immediately realized my son, of Hispanic descent, was a victim of profiling.  I was infuriated, and called to the officer, “You can stop profiling my son!”  The officer was taken aback by my comment, attempted to stutter something, and drove on.

Profiling is not just a racial cancer.  Profiling spreads to all areas of our world, and in all areas of our lives.