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I currently have an electronic contraption that obtains data I input, as well as data from my new glucometer which contains a blue-tooth for transmittal.  It is pretty neat to draw the blood onto the glucometer’s test strip, push some buttons, and watch the information transfer.  This is then fed to the endocrinologist’s computer for monitoring while on this new medication.

Some pretty nifty stuff!

I think I could count this weekend as a relaxing, refreshing success, and one I enjoyed immensely.

With the last few glimmers of Friday’s evening light, I managed to mow the front lawn, trim, and blow debris within 45 minutes. The next morning, the rising sun illuminated the previous evening’s progress, and I was pleased.

Saturday morning, I finished up a rescheduled lesson, and then Quintin and I set out for Woodland Cemetery for a photo-hike. As we passed the outer edges of the University of Dayton, the sidewalks, lawns, porches and restaurant fronts were filled with students garbed in Kelly-green T-shirts, and a drink in hand. Despite the fact I knew there is a ton of alcohol present along this familiar route, I loved seeing the students taking breaks from studies, and enjoying St. Patrick’s Day.

Woodland Cemetery is one of the most beautiful locations in Dayton.  Despite the fact I am in the minority with the living when hiking the stone bedecked hills, I am always rejuvenated after time spent there. Quintin and I covered a different path, this time, and saw new tombstones we’d not before seen. We also got to go into the old chapel which is covered with original Tiffany stained-glass windows, and mosaic-tiled floors.

At five o’clock, father and son went separate ways – son to percussion rehearsal, and father to dinner with his very dear friend, Suzanne Grote. Dr. Suz and I spent three hours of chatting away merrily about life, but mostly, theatre. She had recently seen her former student, Daniel Jenkins in the newly directed, David Doyle production, MERRILY WE ROLL ALONG, by Stephen Sondheim.  Daniel left Yellow Springs, Ohio, venturing on to a Broadway hit, BIG RIVER: THE ADVENTURES OF HUCKLEBERRY FINN, in which he played Huck.  Daniel returned to the Broadway revival, several years back, to do the role of Mark Twain, and the voice of Huck. Daniel’s other Broadway shows: BIG: THE MUSICAL, MARY POPPINS and BILLY ELLIOT.

Sunday morning was overcast, and a sleepy one for me. At Noon, we took off for lunch at Frische’s, and returned home for more yard work.  The dogs have been enjoying the weather, and exploring the wonders of Spring.

The afternoon has been quiet, relaxing, and some time getting my nerd-on watching some documentaries.

Although I enjoy my weeks of teaching, I do enjoy these less hectic times on the home-front.

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