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Since March 1973 I have collected books, and other Lincoln memorabilia.  My most prized possession… the bust of Lincoln given to my by my uncle, Ron Barmes, 1973.  Another is a framed card de visite of Mary Todd Lincoln – signature on back; in emerald frame, a gift from my grandmother, Donna Barmes. 

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My grandfather, Leroy Barmes, enlisted for WWII, and was stationed in Florida when he contracted Rheumatic fever.  He had been studying radio operating with the Army-Air Corps up in Wisconsin.

Here are some of the nurses and soldiers at the military hospital, June 1942.  What was so great – Grandpa wrote their names and addresses on the back of the photos.  Tonight, I researched each individual, and discovered nearly all have passed away.

Melvin Rippentrop, Rapid City, South Dakota

Melvin Rippentrop died 1 Jun 1986 in , Blue Earth, MN.

Lt. Carol Gutzmann, 115 Lake Street, Osh Kosh, Wisconsin

Willis Eggspuehler, Iowa Falls, Iowa

Willis D Eggspuehler was born on 11/24/1922 and died on 06/09/2008. Willis Eggspuehler is buried in Clinton-garfield Cemetery, which is located in Rolfe, IA.

William Blanford, 112 Holland Dr. Chattanooga, Tennessee

Coy Durham, Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Coy Dunham died Jul. 23, 1998, and is buried in Antioch Baptist Church Cemetery, North Carolina.

Wayne Harrigton

Wayne M. Harrington, age 91, of Holland, Michigan, passed away Friday, January 27, 2012 

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I found this little bank account book that once belonged to my great-grandmother, Thelma Daugherty-Barmes.

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Here are some photos of embroidered, and crocheted pillow cases, as well as a quilt made by my great-grandmother, Thelma Daugherty-Barmes.  Since she died in January, 1953, they were probably completed a bit before that time.

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While going through several boxes of items belonging to family, especially my grandparents, Leroy & Donna Barmes, I came across the jewelry box containing some neat items….

The locket contains two photos I’ve never seen.  The top photo is of my Grandmother’s brother, Ronald Monroe Clary, who was killed at age 15, in 1936. The bottom photo is of my grandfather, Leroy Barmes, 1921-2004.

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Quintin has been enjoying his time with the Fairmont Winter Percussion ensemble, which has been sweeping up contests, left and right.

Here is a glimpse of Quintin’s primary love at the moment.  Several of the photographs are courtesy of Patti Rogers.

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Edward Baker “Eddie” Lincoln (March 10, 1846 – February 1, 1850) was the second son of Abraham & Mary Todd Lincoln. He was named after Lincoln’s friend Edward Dickinson Baker, and the youngest Lincoln son to die.  Eddie died one month short of his fourth birthday.

Eddie’s remains are buried at Lincoln tomb at Oak Ridge Cemetery in Springfield, Illinois, USA. Both parents were devastated. Some historians believe Eddie’s death began Mary Todd’s journey to instability. A week after Eddie’s death, a poem entitled “Little Eddie,” was printed in the Illinois State Journal (a newspaper).  Despite a century dispute over the authorship of the poem, the author of this blog firmly believes it was written by Mrs. Lincoln for his mother spelled his name “Eddie,” while his father spelled it “Eddy.”

Those midnight stars are sadly dimmed,

That late so brilliantly shone,

And the crimson tinge from cheek and lip,

With the heart’s warm life has flown –

The angel of Death was hovering nigh,

And the lovely boy was called to die.

The silken waves of his glossy hair

Lie still over his marble brow,

And the pallid lip and pearly cheek

The presence of Death avow.

Pure little bud in kindness given,

In mercy taken to bloom in heaven.

Happier far is the angel child

With the harp and the crown of gold,

Who warbles now at the Savior’s feet

The glories to us untold. Eddie,

meet blossom of heavenly love,

Dwells in the spirit-world above.

Angel Boy – fare thee well, farewell

Sweet Eddie, We bid thee adieu!

Affection’s wail cannot reach thee now

Deep though it be, and true.

Bright is the home to him now given

For “of such is the Kingdom of Heaven.”‘

The final line is on the boy’s tombstone. The next child of Abraham and Mary, William Wallace Lincoln, was born ten months after Eddie’s death.

* The photograph included in this post has been in dispute since its discovery.  Some believe it is Eddie Lincoln, some believe it is his younger brother, Willie.  I, personally, have always believed it to be Eddie Lincoln.

“All men dream: but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds wake in the day to find that it was vanity: but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act their dreams with open eyes, to make it possible.”

from T. S. Lawrence’s Seven Pillars of Wisdom

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