Thursday, a Facebook friend sent me a private message.

“Several of us think you post too many things on Facebook. It gets old reading all your posts. Why don’t you only post the most important things.”

I had to laugh because the person reporting this information posts slightly less than I do.  I replied that:

  1. It is my Facebook site; therefore, it is my business
  2. You do not need to be my friend on Facebook
  3. You can adjust it so you do not receive my posts
  4. Get a life

I went ahead and assisted the individual.  They won’t be able to read any of my posts.

I think Facebook is a wonderful tool for connecting with the rest of the world: family, friends, hometown friends, college friends, colleagues, students, former students, parents of students and former students, etc..  I have gotten to stay in touch with so many folks these past four years, and have loved renewing life with cousins, and friends in distant places.

Most of my posts occur in the morning.  I work at my desk writing, or researching, for fifty minutes, and then take a 10 minute break.  This is when I generally scan down my Facebook page, and hit the “share” button so I can read things late at night before going to sleep.  Most of the motivational quotes are specifically for me so I can stay focused, and continue pushing forward.  If it has anything to do with American history, it will find its way on to my Facebook page so I can read.  If I find things of interest for others, I send it to their page, or acknowledge them so they, too, can read the article.  Sometimes I post things to serve as my personal journal, filled with quotes, items from my day, thoughts about my day, photos, etc..  So often, folks post such positive comments, and some even send me private notes.  This note, written two months ago, I just discovered this morning:

Darin, I just wanted to say thanks to you. I read your posts every day and they are filled with joy for all of us who read them. You have a wonderfully positive attitude that turns a dark day into one with hope and inspiration! Even though a subject may be dark, you have a look of light through the darkness. For this, I thank you! You are a bright spot. I am glad that we have reconnected!

So, for the petty little group of individuals complaining, to the one who sent me the private message to complain, to the band director from another community, to the bitchy band parent who was upset I don’t post photos of their child, and to anyone who doesn’t like the number of posts… too bad.  You can easily delete me on Facebook.  You can adjust your settings so you do not see my posts.  If these items are a challenge, then, I invite you to get a life.  Find something productive, and more positive to do with your time, and with your life.

God bless!