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This long, very long week is only standing at Tuesday. It feels like two weeks have been crammed into these past few days, but it is Tuesday… just Tuesday.

For the past several weeks I have endured a flare-up of chronic pancreatitis which has confined me to bed most of my non-teaching hours. Although it is better it has left me very fatigued.

Saturday afternoon, I received a telephone call from Mother relating the news that my four year old nephew, and Godson, Freddie, was at the emergency room in Lafayette (IN) due to severe burns. He stepped into a crock pot of boiling soup which was on the floor of the family van. Before long, more messages began arriving that Freddie was being taken to the burn unit at Riley Children’s Hospital in Indianapolis. On a scale of 1-10, Freddie’s injuries were a 15.

The past few days have been incredibly tense, yet the Caring Bridge journal entries written by my sister-in-law, Stacia, have been incredibly uplifting, and informative. Wednesday at 11:30am, Freddie will go into surgery.

Tonight while teaching my last few lessons, I learned my aunt, Sue Richardson, had died.

Despite the strain of illness, the sickening worry over my nephew, and the sadness at the departure of a family member, I am still happy, content with life, and grateful for the many blessings I’ve been afforded. The past few days, the support from friends, students and their families has been extraordinary! Thank you!

Tonight, Quintin, Casey and I celebrated GOTCHA DAY – Quintin’s one year anniversary – with a dinner, and tons of laughter – which of course, Casey contributes so much.

Tomorrow is another day, and one to which I will look forward rather than dread.

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