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Flyer was so easy to train, and was fantastic at remembering everything. As a senior, blind pooch, all the training has paid off. Even when she had her sight, I could walk her without her leash attached, and she did a fantastic job. Never once did she cause me alarm.

The past several nights I have been allowing each dog to accompany me over to the high school school lawn without their leash. Flyer, as always, is magnificent, and knows the area well enough that she does not have to feel her way around. Since she was trained to respond to my snaps, this has been a great aide for her as she moves about without her sight.

For the past two nights, Chief and Navi, on their individual walks, have been outstanding. Chief, my more rambunctious pup, has been the king of good behavior – staying with me, getting his few dashes around the high school’s front lawn without running off, and heading right into the house after hiking his leg on everything imaginable.

Navi, who is more skittish than Chief, has been a little star. When she hears, “To the front door,” she dashes up the steps, and prances around the front porch awaiting my hugs and compliments. It is really cute.

These late-night jaunts have worked well for me when it comes to training, and it gives us some one-on-one time that the day-time group walks do not afford us.

Tomorrow we have a 2.5 hour drive to Indiana. Saturday, we will drive 1.5 hours to my brother’s home near West Lafayette, and then our return home trip will be 3 hours. While at my brother’s farm, the pups will have their first experience of true freedom. Flyer, in her healthier days, loved romping in the more open space, and playing with anyone who offered some time.

I am confident the three dogs will do well on this big adventure.

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