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Begin Within Now Available!
“Want to help the people in your life heal, grow, be happier and more content? Then pay attention to your own journey. Not only will you be paving the way for the people you love, you’ll be showing them that it’s not only OK to take care of yourself, it’s essential.”

I wanted Begin with Yes newsletter subscribers be the first to know that Begin Within: A Begin with Yes Guided Meditation is now available on Amazon. If you purchase the CD and leave a review on Amazon send me a note and I will send the library of your choice a copy of my book Begin with Yes. Thanks for being on this amazing journey with me. All good vibes from New Hampshire!


Editorial Reviews
Paul Boynton’s “Begin with Yes” principles which have helped thousands achieve their goals are now incorporated in this beautiful and relaxing guided imagery recording to help you align your subconscious thoughts with your actions as you continue to create the life you have always wanted and the life you so truly deserve.

Begin Within is read by Paul Boynton, based on the principles in his book “Begin with Yes” and was scripted by Sharon M. O’Connor, RN, CHT, who practices guided imagery and hypnotherapy in the New Hampshire Seacoast.

Begin Within is dedicated to the thousands of Begin with Yes Facebook fans from around the world. Together we have created a community of hopeful, optimistic people who are facing challenges and obstacles with tremendous grace and who are moving forward towards dreams with determination, enthusiasm and hope.

“This beautiful meditation will gently guide you to a calmer place where challenges are faced more effectively and goals and dreams begin to unfold easily and peacefully.”

– Tshidi Mayne “Rafiki” Broadway’s The Lion King


Begin with Yes

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