Friday morning Quintin and I went on a major hike through Dayton’s Woodland Cemetery next to University of Dayton’s campus. Thursday night was a bit on the rough side with the loss of Logan, but Friday morning’s hike through the wooded groves of the onset of the Autumn spectacle, accompanied by gorgeous weather, seemed to initiate grief’s healing process.

I underestimated the loss of Logan, my fuzzy-faced companion of 17 years. I’ve always considered myself to be a dog-person, despite having loved Logan for so long. An amazing cat, who was more like a well-trained dog, and an even more amazing companion who loved, and certainly knew she was loved.

I cannot say enough THANK YOU’s to all who sent words of comfort, and the many kindnesses shown me last week. Everyone from family to friends to students to former students to distant friends and not-so-familiar friends was wonderfully kind, and so supportive during those last two days.

Thank you…

From the Haasienda