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I woke this morning to the sound of rain smacking the pavement outside my bedroom window. The sky was a cold grey, and having had a restless night of sleep, I was feeling the weight pull down my energy. However, since I have been feeling so much better these past several days, I was not about to have my eagerness to rejoin the familiar world yanked out from under me this day.

After being nudged from the warmth of the blankets into the dull chill of the room by three wet noses eager to potty and eat, I began the day with growing enthusiasm. Nothing special about the day itself, just wanting to be productive. Navi dove onto the deck, obviously delighted with the rain. After finishing her business in the back yard, she immediately began searching for worms to eat – one of her favorite past-times. Chief, on the other hand, is not a fan of rain, and stood in the open doorway of my study, hesitating what to do – potty, or wait out the rain. Flyer always waits to potty after eating her first meal.

Getting back to my writing on the musical has been a welcome reunion, and for the first time in several months I have actually felt well enough to sit up and concentrate. After ninety minutes of editing, I was slightly fatigued. I returned to my bedroom, searched things of interest on the internet, added things to Facebook, and listened to music.

By 1:30pm, the teaching day had begun. By 6:00pm it had concluded. The gentleman who worked on my mower called to let me know it was fixed. The Friday prior to Labor Day was the last I had mowed, and the recent rains had thickened it to the point I figured I would need a baler. Upon my return with the mower I began on the front yard. Several times the mower stopped due to thick clumps of wet grass. Within 45 minutes I had finished a 20 minute job. Trimming and blowing completed the process, and the yard was neat, and trim, once again!

A trip to Kroger finished off the bulk of the evening activities. Quintin is at an away game with the marching band, and I am sitting in my room listening to collected tunes on the new Facebook tune-thing, and simply relaxing. Tomorrow I will

  • assist Quintin with some morning yard work before he has to be at a 12:30pm marching band rehearsal
  • fix myself at my desk for more editing
  • prepare a lunch for the tailgate party at the stadium to watch the band’s final run-through of the show
  • hurry home to feed and potty the dogs
  • walk back to the high school to leave with the buses at 5:45pm for Grove City High School in Columbus for the evening band contest, returning around 1:30am

Sunday is my 47th birthday. I have no plans other than to chat with Mother for our Sunday ritual. I will probably wait to call her in the evening since she always calls me at 6:03pm – the time of my birth.

Other than that, the focal point of the weekend is marching band, as it shall be for the remaining six weeks.

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