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“Top Ten Signs You’ve Had A Bad Summer ”

10. Having your entry make this list is the best thing that happened

9. The only fireworks you saw were from a Seal Team storming your compound

8. You were riding high, then Rick Perry got into the race

7. You are head of security for The Ed Sullivan Theater

6. Your big comeback movie was about a guy who talks through a beaver hand puppet

5. You were able to get tickets to Letterman

4. Not only is your 401k underwater but so is your house

3. You got evicted and in your rush to move out, you forgot to pack your photo album of Condoleezza Rice

2. Five weeks into Dr. Bachmann’s “treatment” center and, if anything, you’re gayer

1. First your workplace was vandalized, then a fatwa was issued against your life

A Navajo Indian Prayer

The simplest and most obvious prayer is a request to God that the adversity end and that one be restored to health. Such prayers often involve “affirmations.” There is a considerable psychological literature on the healing power of affirmations, and many cancer patients use them. Here is a beautiful Navajo prayer that uses affirmation:

tree.GIF (4982 bytes) O you who dwell In the house made of the dawn,In the house made of the evening twilight . . .Where the dark mist curtains the doorway,The path to which is on the rainbow . . .I have made your sacrifice.I have prepared a smoke for you. My feet restore for me.My limbs restore for me.My body restore for me.My mind restore for me.My voice restore for me. Today, take away your spell from me.Away from me you have taken it.Far Off from me you have taken it. Happily I recover.Happily my interior becomes cool.Happily my eyes regain their power.Happily my head becomes cool.Happily my limbs regain their power.Happily I hear again.Happily for me the spell is taken Off. Happily I walk.Impervious to pain, I walk.Feeling light within, I walk . . .In beauty I walk.With beauty before me, I walk.With beauty behind me, I walk.With beauty below me, I walk.With beauty all around me, I walk. It is finished in beauty.It is finished in beauty.It is finished in beauty

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