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By last Sunday night, my list for the pre-holiday week was set, and I was ready to tackle what is generally my annual fall cleaning as I prepare to welcome my family from Indiana. Due to some serious health issues that dropped in my lap Tuesday morning by the doctor, I had the wind knocked out of my sails. Without going into great detail, my diabetes had a major set-back, and this has contributed to several other fairly severe health issues.

However, in the words of Sir Winston Churchill: “Bugger on.”

Most of my list of house-cleaning chores fell by the wayside, and since Quintin had a full load of homework (and he is pulling all A’s at the moment), plus marching band, I did not pull him into a bulk of the work I would normally list.

Mother arrived Friday morning at 11am. We ran some errands, and by 6:45pm we had landed at the Fairmont Football Stadium for the game against Miamisburg. Mother got to feel the thundering vibrations of the band passing beneath the bleachers upon their entry. Destin, Stacia and their children arrived shortly before half-time, and this was a treat for them to see Fairmont’s “Pride of Kettering,” and especially, Quintin.

Once everyone was settled back at the Haasienda, Mother, Destin, Quintin and I sat on the deck until 1:00am. I love these moments best, perhaps.

Saturday morning was a breakfast of egg-wraps, fruit, and sausage. After showers we hit the Air Force Museum, returned to Kettering for Marion’s Pizza, and then moved on to Carillon Park where we spent two hours in the newest exhibit – Parker and Freddie had a blast!

Dinner on the deck consisted of Mother’s Sloppy Joe recipe, courtesy of my Latin teacher, Diana Garner, mac & cheese, fresh corn from Indiana, veggies/dip, and chips/salsa.

After the table was cleared we ventured on to Indian Riffle Park. While Quintin enjoyed time at the Skate Plaza, the kids played on the great playground equipment.

Until the rain ran us inside a short while ago, we enjoyed another several hours on the deck.

Tomorrow’s breakfast is still undetermined, but we will take in some of the Holiday At Home festivities before everyone heads West back to Hoosierland.

I so enjoy this particular weekend. Destin & Stacia kick off the start of summer with Parker’s birthday the first weekend of June, and my family closes summer with Labor Day. This weekend was more special since it was the first time I have seen Destin & Stacia, and their children, since Christmas… due to heavy career/family schedules, tires blowing out on the way to commencement, and other schedule conflicts, we have failed at every turn to get together.

This was a wonderful weekend! Tomorrow, and most of Monday I will rest, watch the parade, teach some lessons Monday afternoon/evening, and begin restructuring life as I now know it with these health concerns. It must be done, and by golly, I will do it!

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