So, this is really Navi and Chief’s first experience with the start of school. The end of this past school year there was no back fence to keep them in, and they could easily escape from the deck; therefore, they spent most of their time inside.

Well, at 6:30 this morning, while I was still deep in slumber, the deep roars of barking began from those two… the first teachers were arriving.

Flyer laid in her corner of my bedroom, content with this oft repeated ritual of teachers arriving (every day, actually).

All morning long The Kids have been greeting every blasted car door opening while I am trying to write. I either do not hear the offending car door, or I am too accustomed to the sound. Before their barking chorus commences each time, the sound of their claws and paws scrambling from their curled up positions directly behind me reverberates from the wood floors.

All summer long the only time a car door was heard in the parking lot was when a private student was arriving or leaving – The Kids got use to that routine.

Chief also stands on the deck table to see over the fence, and Navi prances and dances all around the table wishing she could climb up as easily as Chief.

I am wondering how long it will take them to connect the arrival/departure of school buses to the fact that most students, and Quintin, will be arriving within minutes. Flyer quickly figured this out, and even after nine years, still prepares her self for the start of her day’s responsibility as the official Haasienda Hostess.